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We each see the world binocularly in 3D using our two eyes. This sensation is useful in performing everyday tasks and interpreting complex visual information, the effect also fascinates the majority of people whenever they see a 3D picture. As a result a wide range of 3D display technologies are now available on the market.

Every 3D display has to solve the same problem, illustrated above, that is how to direct one image to the left eye and a different second image to the right eye. Additionally for the viewer to see a high quality depth effect the image creator must ensure that the two images are produced with a comfortable depth range.

These web pages aim to provide knowledge about how 3D displays work, how to create stereoscopic images and what factors are important to consider when making high quality, comfortable stereoscopic images.

(For the latest research and applications of 3D displays see the SD&A conference :


Home3D DisplaysHuman 3D VisionCreating 3D ImagesResources